Natural care products for dogs, cats and horses are at the centre of the innovative portfolio of our DORÉNAVANT (cat/dog) and SABOT’AGE (horse) brands. It all started with a first line of natural based, petrochemical-free and silicon-free products for horses. A high level of focus was put on the most sensitive part of a horse’s body: the hoof. It was a particular necessity for us to find ways to protect the hoof against the damages of aging (hence the name SABOT-AGE, as « sabot » in French means « hoof »). After the success of the horse line, a new range of cat and dog products was created. And since then, the gentle, biological, preservative-free, silicon-free and paraben-free products of the DORÉNAVANT brand are available to all.

In order to regroup all the experience and know how in the field of cosmetic production, the LABORATOIRE DOMAINE VIA AURELIA was created, with one of the key missions being the production of affordable, natural based and biological animal products. Hence, the brands BIO, CLASSIQUE, HYPO/PRO for DORÉNAVANT and SABOT’AGE – all made from gentle and eco-friendly raw materials – were born.
These two Bio Series are made using 100% biological origin raw materials. This also includes the essential oils we use. The DORÉNAVANT and SABOT’AGE BIO series don’t contain any silicon, petrochemicals, synthetic colourings and preservatives.

DORÉNAVANT-PUR is the purist among organic products and a pioneer in packaging as well. The saponin extracted from the shell of the organic soap nut has, in addition to its fat and dirt dissolving effect, antibacterial and slightly disinfecting properties. The label-less, fully recyclable bottle made of renewable PE-Green material* based on cane sugar is a further step towards reducing waste while maintaining high product quality.
With the essential brands DORÉNAVANT-DOUX and SABOT‘AGE-CLASSIQUE, we offer gentle care products, which, while made with common ingredients, are completely silicon-free and nocive substances- free. As a result, absolutely no GHS pictograms can be found on the packaging of these brands. In addition, the high concentration of the formulas offers substantial cost-saving benefits.

Pet-groomers and veterinarians will find all their needs met with the DORÉNAVANT-PRO line. Specifically designed for professionals, those highly concentrated products have a proven efficiency track record. None of the products contain irritating substances and like their sister brands, there are no GHS pictograms on the labels, which in this case, given their frequency of use, is all the more important.

The universal line DORÉNAVANT-HYPO is the newest arrival on the animal care market. It meets the very specific customer demands for care products designed for highly sensitive or allergic animals. In order to prevent all forms of reaction, those products do not contain more than 5 ingredients, all of them gentle and non-irritating. These products are suitable for cats, dogs and horses.