Let’s be honest: « zero-waste » production does not exist. But we can make an effort!
Every stakeholder in the industrial production needs to reduce his environmental footprint and put biodiversity first. With this in mind, we have researched and found eco-friendly solutions :
  • Supplier selection: We try, as much as we can, to source our ingredients and row materials from local suppliers. Most of our ingredients originate from the EEC and we are fortunate enough to be able to buy our perfumes and essential oils directly from our neighbours in Grasse and the Vaucluse region.
  • The choice of eco-friendly packaging:
    • Cardboard packaging made of grass fibres: a renewable material that requires far less water than wood fibre. These grass fibres are harvested right next to the packaging manufacturer, hence a short supply chain.
    • "I'm green" packaging: The entire product range of DORÉNAVANT-BIO and SABOT'AGE-BIO is packed in environmentally friendly "PE-Green" bottles. Instead of being based on petroleum, this fully recyclable so-called "green plastic" is made from sugar cane ethanol and is therefore a 100% renewable resource. 
    • NEW: no plastic labels! The bio series DORÉNAVANT-PUR is the first product to do without plastic labels: instead, the fully recyclable PE-Green bottles are laser-printed.
  • Stuffing is performed on site with cartons from our own recycled cardboards.
  • The adhesive tapes, used in high volumes, are paper based as opposed to plastic-based.
  • Biological ingredients: with our lines DORÉNAVANT-BIO and SABOT’AGE-BIO we’re moving towards making more eco-friendly, animal-friendly and user-friendly products, affordable for everybody.

Let’s keep the BIO gaining ground !