The Via Aurelia or Aurelian Route which runs through this beautiful region inspired us for the name of our Laboratories. The proximity with Grasse, world capital for perfumes and with the Vaucluse region, from where we get our perfumes and essential oils, make this region an ideal place to develop natural products. In order to provide the public with products respectful of the well-being and health of animals, we have created a complete range of products for dogs, cats and horses:

  • essential care products: DORENAVANT-DOUX & SABOT’AGE-CLASSIQUE
  • 100% biological products: DORENAVANT-BIO & SABOT’AGE-BIO 
  • special hypoallergenic line designed for sensitive animals: Dorénavant-HYPO
  • pro-line created especially for professionals: DORENAVANT -PRO

The aim of LABORATOIRE DOMAINE VIA AURELIA is the constant development of gentle animal care on the basis of natural and gentle raw materials.